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Sunday, May 28, 2017

guardians of the galaxy vol.2

funny with the good message...

ego may cause u to think u are above everyone else, and may make u think u are meant for a higher purpose in life

in pursuit of the "higher purpose", u may destroy everything - lives of the people around u...

ego may make you feel immortal... because when u achieve your "higher purpose", u will be everything

but we are not immortal

when u are alive, in pursuit of the higher purpose, would u not see what u have right now, right in front of u?

if u are like everybody else, is that so bad?

when u are alive, perhaps it would not hurt to imagine your death... what u do in life, determines if u get a ravagers funeral~

How will it be?

50 years from now... how will it be?

driverless flying cars powered by a battery which does not need recharging... ever? where we work while commuting to work or will we need to work? perhaps there will be an elite non working class and the poor who would be controlled by the working class and every year, one of them from each area will be selected to participate in games to entertain the elite?

since it is driverless, we no longer have car insurance policies? population will increase by the number of people who would have died in car accidents?

since cars are flying, we no longer require roads? perhaps it is levitating on magnetic strips? perhaps there will be invisible air roads which the cars are able to detect?

renewable or nuclear energy means no more petrol... if it is nuclear energy, would that mean more or less pollution?

the mobile phones would serve (actually... already is serving) as a phone, watch, camera, calendar, PDA, e-books, tv, journal, meeting place, translator, data storage, banks (will there be money?), credit cards, debit cards, calculator, loyalty programs (if there is still such a thing as businesses), financial tracking, shopping tool, radio, fitness tracking, a tool that enables a modern barter system perhaps?

no more malls, no retail, no call centers - everything is self service, through the phone

the mobile phone will track your health status and your insurance premium will be adjusted accordingly. your grocery purchases would be adjusted automatically to correct any imbalance... perhaps food will be a pill (that would not be good!)... emergencies will be attended to immediately by flying emergency centers...

humans might even be in pods... living life through their "avatars" - which means we might actually be living in virtual worlds (hollywood is good) - omg.... matrix is real! perhaps we would have 2 groups of people... people who embrace this form of living and people who will be the "hippies" of the future, the ones living off the grid, without robots and other advance technologies...

perhaps robots will be the ones producing everything that is necessary. we need not work! then will money be necessary? perhaps that is no longer a measure of wealth in time to come? we will no longer have various companies trying to hard to earn "money", there will no longer be the chase for more of everything, chase for more sales, more unnecessary demand created because of that very chase... produce and only consume what is necessary? maybe slow down on consumption? but if money is no longer the medium of exchange as we all have "enough"... then what will be scarce? time? another hollywood movie!! in time!

would we run out of food? air? back to basics, when the other material items don't matter anymore?

4 June 2017
police force will be replaced by robots with AI and facial recognition capabilities... fitted with cameras to broadcast crime in progress... emotion detectors, able to detect and assess gestures and body language and able to speak many different languages!

p/s, all these are combination of the imagination of many many brilliant minds... so creative! i shall add to this post as i read new articles~

Monday, May 08, 2017

gen X.75

my pet topic at the moment... how the robots are taking over~ 

it all started when i read that i am the generation that may be caught by surprise - like a deer in the headlights - by how the robots are taking over... 

i am the generation that still played in the gardens - a game of catch, skipping, and "game and watch"... we watched the same cartoons as the kids in the entire neighbourhood as there there was no astro or dvd or streaming...

i am the generation studying with books and floppy discs, moving on to smaller square disks (i forgot what those are called), finally to usb drives...

i am the generation who did not have mobile phones when we were in school and for me, till i have my first job! we had big phones, flip phones, small phones and now we are back to big phones...

then came emails, icq, irc, internet and google

and maybe it is not all of a sudden... but all of a sudden, we have uber or grab and taxi drivers are jobless! phones are killing cameras, everybody is a "professional" photographer, online shopping is killing retail shops and malls, junior lawyers will be replaced by artificial intelligence, drivers are no longer needed in the mines as we have driverless trucks - no rest, no holidays, no tantrums...

i am the generation who might be replaced right before i am ready to retire, and with advancements in medical science and technology, i am the generation with extended lifespan...

Sunday, May 07, 2017

eating alone

since taking up a sales job, i have gotten accustomed to eating alone. i enjoy it, as a matter of fact! i love people watching :)

so, there i was, having roast chicken rice, all by myself... watching the world go by... then i thought - it's smack in the middle of dinner time... what if somebody i know comes into the shop and sees me eating along? all of a sudden eating alone doesn't seem so fun!

what changed? i love eating alone at home, plopped in front of the tv, pigging out on whatever i fancy that day. i love eating alone when i am travelling for work, watching the world happen all around me... why then, would this thought pop out of nowhere?

i was in subang - where i grew up, attended school, where i am most likely to bump into a peer...

omg~ i was concerned about being perceived as sad! i have to slap myself... since when did i subscribed to other people's definition of success or happiness?

and how would anybody know if somebody who is eating with a big group of people is happier than somebody who is eating alone - being alone when one is alone is far far better than being alone when one is a part of a big party!

the family of husband, wife, baby and father (i think) who was eating at the table next to mine did not look too happy to be dining as a family...

the bf-gf/ husband-wife eating in the table in front of me was definitely more engrossed with their samsungs than with each other...

what if i bump into a peer who appears to be having a happy family, doing great work and managing finances superbly?? i shall be happy for the person :)  and not think that other people spend their precious time speculating about my life - afterall, most times we think people have opinion of us, when in fact, they don't give a ****

and so what if they actually do speculate about my life? and so what if they think i am sad coz i was eating alone?

i shall not give a ****

but according to AS - perception is reality...

the again, someone far wiser said - if you don't like me or what i do or how i live my life, it is mine over matter - i don't mind, and you don't matter :)

p/s, i didn't bump into anybody~ 

Friday, October 28, 2016

how now brown cow?

the rupiah is going to be reducing the number of zeroes! we are no longer going to be millionaires in Indonesia. Good for them!

malaysia ringgit, however, is losing value. korean won was just at RM3.2 in 2014, now, it is RM3.8. singapore dollar was at RM1.0 in 1965 and today is it RM3+!!

the country is no longer competitive. through the many years of mismanagement, it looks like my beloved country will move in the same direction of progress as that of philippines. 

soon it would be more worthwhile for us to take up jobs as domestic help in indonesia, then to be a doctor in malaysia. good thing there are a good number of maybank branches in indonesia. makes sending money back home a lot easier. 

the big question is. 

what if all the money we have saved for our old age is worth nothing in the future? 

as it is nasi lemak biasa which used to be RM0.50 became RM1.0 and now RM2.5. what if next time, it is RM50,000? 

there are many examples of countries which has undergone and are still under kleptocracy. we have these countries telling us what our future looks like. why are we still blindly working so hard, harder than before because we believe times may be bad... to save money that may be worth nothing in the future? 


hit me like a tonne of bricks! well... not that it was a surprise. it was rather gradual, really. today my bestie asked our group chat to comment on a facebook post. and since i woke up at the ungodly hour of 2.47am, i thought, why not?

went on fb. searched for syed azmi as instructed. did not read everything. but it looks like this guy is working to change the world. nice to know he exists! his fb post that caught my bestie's eyes was on aging. as a single.

aging is a big topic. scary topic. big and scary topic. it is on everybody's mind. all the time.

it is probably the reason why people work so hard. sacrifice time with friends and family. to save for the future. for when one can no longer work.

it is why some people are under so much pressure. in so much debt. to create passive income. in preparation for when we can no longer earn.  

it is why people buy insurance. though ironically, that is when one may not be covered.

it is why some people look for life partners. to ensure one has company when everybody else have their own families. though there is really no certainty that one will not feel lonely in the company of others. there is also no certainty that partner will not drive you crazy!!

it is why some people want children. to have somebody who will care for them in their golden years. though again, there is really no certainty that one will be cared for by their children. 

so, it looks like some of us do what we do, to prepare for when we are old. and in that process neglect the things that really matter. question is, do we really live a good life while preparing to live a good life in the future?! that is actually another post. i sidetracked. i think the question is, not how to age if one is single. rather, how to age and live well - single or otherwise.

Saturday, September 01, 2012


sometime in 2010, i have, time and time again, witness that being nice does not work.


i have, in january 2012, had the opportunity to meet somebody who is nice and the epitome of "class" and yet, have not been treated like a doormat... but rather, with respect. what is the secret of his success?

his quiet confidence? his humbleness? his sacrifices? his passion? his lack of ego? his willingness to listen? his willingness to do his part? his trust in you to do yours? his kindness? his generosity?

is it just because he does everything he is suppose to do and more.... so much so you don't think it is an option to fail him?


inertia... i know it too well. it is really too easy to stay in status quo. even if what one is currently doing is not easy. as in it is easier to continue doing something difficult than to change direction and do something easier.

does that make sense?

i wonder if i am the first to document this... comfort zone is really not that comfortable after all (sometimes)!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

like dough

my masseur must have caused a dissection of my renal arteries and my carotid arteries... why is it so difficult to find a well trained masseur who will relieve tense muscles and stiff joints and not talk while they are at it? one who will not attempt to dislocate joints and leave me feeling like i have been beaten up? one who will use just the right amount of strength and pressure to achieve pleasure and not torture? right....not willing to pay cut throat prices may be a possible reason. is this a business opportunity?

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I'm back!!....(again)

the last time i made a comeback, i lasted 4 months....i am keeping my fingers crossed that this time round, there will be enough interesting things going through my mind to keep this blog running for awhile! the thing is, there is not many interesting thoughts at this point in time. as i read through my previous postings, i had thought wow! i was quite interesting (at least relative to now). i wonder why? was it due to my perception of timeline? as time goes by, i feel i have less time than before... although in reality, i do not really have more or less time left, as i wouldn't have known before (or now for that matter) how much time i really have in total... does that make sense? and as i think i have less time left (though i really should not dwell on something that I will not be able to predict), i will feel more pressure to seize the day. and what does that mean? do what i feel like doing? what if what i feel like doing does not make sense if i have a long way to go? what if what i feel like doing leaves a mess for people i leave behind because i did not get to finish it up in time? what if there are debts instead of assets to give away? a big mess instead of legacy! i guess it does mean do what i want to do... because reading my previous sentence made me realize how silly it would be to live a particular way just to ensure when we leave this world, it would be in a neat little package with no loose ends whatsoever. that would be rather sad. like we have not lived... then the more pressure there is to live it right (due to the perceived shorter timeline), the harder i would think about what i should or should not do because with less available time, i would not want to spend it doing the wrong stuff. then again, who is to judge? one thing is for sure... i still overanalyze stuff. somebody once said... just do it...I should listen to that somebody. then again, my overanalyzed thoughts may be wrong!! perhaps i do not have interesting thoughts because i am talking to less people because i have less friends since most of them became more preoccupied with their family and the single friends have moved to neighboring countries... whatever the reasons are, just do it still sounds right. so, here goes...